Happy Carnival- Fat Tuesday is Right Around the Corner!

Happy Carnival- Fat Tuesday is Right Around the Corner!

The Magical History of Second Lines


Happy Carnival!


Fat Tuesday is on its way. What better way for a Successions lawyer to celebrate the season than to recount his dear readers with the history of second lines? They’re jazzy! They’re topical! And most importantly… they are closely associated with burial and successions.


Second lines originally entered the scene as accompaniment to “Jazz Funerals.” They are recognized by the irresistible thrum of the syncopated brass band. While today’s touristy second lines can be easily obtained with a quick permit and payment, the history of second lines is deeply entrenched in something far more nuanced: The End of Slavery.


Unfortunately, because the end of the Civil War is not synonymous with the end of segregation, African American communities often relied on fraternal and neighborhood “social aids” for insurance and burial organizations. And, along with the limited resources, there were also limited job opportunities. Funerals were an important opportunity for black musicians to work professionally.


As the city evolved, and black families joined the middle and upper classes, the social aid organizations transformed into social clubs who decided that the jazz band festivities did not solely belong to funeral processions. The tradition grew into the lively, jovial festivity you can see dancing down the street in the French Quarter today! While second lines are now associated with weddings and other celebrations, they began by celebrating the lives of the dearly departed. And that, to me, is a beautiful thing.


Thank you for joining me on a brief tour of Second Lines and their importance during the Carnival season! For more fun reading material, read about transferring business ownership in the blog below!



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You Voted and We Delivered!

“Everything You Need to Know About Business Succession”

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“Whether you are passing on the family business or you’ve chosen a worthy successor from a (no doubt) vast pool of prospects, there are a few, critical, steps you need to take before letting go of ownership. Many people underestimate the amount of time it takes to make the transition. Patrick Ungashick, author of Dance in the End Zone: The Business Owner’s Exit Planning Playbook, calls the misconception that business owners should start serious planning no earlier than five years before they are ready to exit the “Five Years’ Fallacy.” The following blog outlines some of the unexpected factors business owners encounter while creating their business succession plan.”

It’s Time to Tidy Up… Your Successions Documents!

Spring is almost upon us! When I think of Spring, I think of Spring Cleaning. Tidying up goes beyond the contents of your home. It also applies to your documents!


If your Will needs a little TLC, don’t delay. It’s recommended that you update or revisit your successions documents after every 3-5 years, or after any major life changes. Call the Law Office of Edward J McCloskey to update and renew all of your important successions documents!