Business Law

Business Law

Business Transactions and More

Business Law touches the lives of millions of people every day. It deals will all business transactions and covers important transactions like contracts, business formation, insurance, mergers and acquisitions. Most Business Law occurs outside the court room, which means that you need an attorney who is detail oriented and thorough. Edward J. McCloskey has over 45 years of experience and works closely with local New Orleans businesses to safeguard their policies and keep them far away from possible litigation. Business Law encompasses all dealings between people and commercial matters, making it one of the most prevalent legal necessities in day to day life.

Whether you are a business or a consumer, having an attorney who will counsel you while you make commercial decisions is imperative to good business management and financial stability. There are many categories that a business owner is required to take under advisement, such as employment consideration, antitrust, taxes and intellectual property. Before starting your business or making changes to your current business, contact your trusted attorney to guarantee all your occupational practices meet legal standards.

Edward J. McCloskey has proudly served the Greater New Orleans area for almost 50 years by providing quality legal assistance with respect and integrity. Protect your business and family by choosing McCloskey!